Bushfire Season

Lightning on a stormy evening near Port Hedland, Western Australia, ignites bushfires that send up an orange glow. A common threat to safety in the province during summer months, bushfires can start without warning and move quickly through vast areas. This photo was submitted to Your Shot, our storytelling community where members can take part […]

Fearless Symmetry

It’s a rare and privileged experience to witness the interaction of tiger cubs in the wild, says Souvik Kundu, a member of our Your Shot photo community. After learning that a tigress had given birth to cubs in India’s Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Kundu visited the sanctuary a number of times to photograph the family. On […]


In China to photograph the life of the giant panda and its environment, Your Shot member Marco Mattiussi obtained special permission to visit areas with captive-raised pandas that had been released into the wild. “For this shot I was … [in] the right place at the right time: It was rainy and foggy, very wet […]

Crabbing a Ride

“The setting was very eerie,” writes Your Shot member Nancy Leigh. “In the darkness [of] an overcast early morning, there was a large gathering of black juvenile iguanas on the rocks of Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island in the Galápagos.” While completely surrounded by iguanas, Leigh spotted a bright-red Sally Lightfoot crab climbing onto one […]

Evening Snowfall

“When I arrived at the Blue Pond in Biei in Hokkaido, Japan, a lot of snow had fallen and the wind was blowing strongly,” writes Your Shot member Haruka Iwasaki. “The moment the light that illuminates the pond was reflected in the snow, I witnessed a fantastic spectacle.” This photo was submitted to Your Shot, […]

Southwestern Sungraph

Your Shot member Andrei Stoica used the sun and an Arizona landscape to create this self-portrait for a recent community assignment. “It wasn’t that different from using dyes to create pictographs,” writes Stoica, who calls his image a “sungraph.” Stoica’s image recently appeared in the Your Shot assignment The Faceless Portrait. This photo was submitted […]

The Twins

Every year, a sardine run occurs in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, says Your Shot member Fabrice Guerin, who adds that this is when it’s possible to spot the fastest fish in the ocean—the sailfish—hunting fish shoals. “They drill the balls of terrified fish, offering us a stunning show,” he writes. “When […]

Worth the Wait

“A beautiful and active aurora appeared the day after a storm had passed over Iceland,” writes Takashi Nakagawa, a member of our Your Shot community. “Iceland is not an ideal place to watch the aurora because the weather in winter is mostly cloudy. I waited at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon for three days to photograph the […]

Group Flight

“Lying on important flyways, the wetlands of Gujarat, India, are thronged by millions of birds migrating south in winter,” writes Your Shot member Navtej Singh, who captured this scene while taking aerial shots of the port town of Jamnagar. “As I flew over the flamingoes, the birds took flight. It was an unbelievable sight, and […]

Fox on the Rocks

Lingering at a lookout in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, Your Shot member Irina C. spotted this fox entering the scene. “It navigated very confidently among the rocks, moving small ones with its paws and picking up food scraps dropped by tourists during the day,” she writes. “I thought it was genius: Instead of […]

Parade Rest

In Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico, a group of unmarried young women and girls gather in front of Preciosa Sangre de Cristo Church after marching in a calenda (parade) for La Fiesta de la Preciosa Sangre. During the parade, the young women wear traditional Zapotec clothing and walk while carrying canastas (baskets) with images of the […]